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Zada & Sarah’s Journey Begins… January 7, 2007

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.

She’s here! We’re both over-stimulated, confused, dirty, and dog-tired, but she’s safely ensconced in her brand new home.

As a recap for the day, I went to Mankato and go there at 9:30am, stayed at the breeder’s for over 2 hours, loaded Zada into the back of Dani’s SUVie, ate lunch at BW3s with Kristen and Ike, then went to a big pet store down there to buy her dog food and a crate to fit her (she’s bigger than when I last saw her!)…THEN we got on the road to come back to the cities; stopping at PetCo (for a new collar – more on that later), Target (tennis balls & a rug for under her dishes), then the liquor store (that was Dani’s stop 🙂 and FINALLY on home. We didn’t pull up to my garage until 5pm.

Zada had never ridden in a car before; good thing she was crated because somewhere around Jordan she threw up in there…poor thing. It wasn’t a lot, just some grass and some treats. One other area of life she’s never experienced: a collar or a leash. THAT was interesting. Almost lost her in the parking lot of the Mankato pet store – Ike & Kristen wanted to see her and she about popped her collar off and made a bolt for it. Super.

Hence, the new collar, which is a choker, but seeing as how it’s that or she runs off, I’m going to opt for safety. She’s getting used to it – since she has to be tied out on a zip-line in my yard, she’s finding that battling a non-yielding cord isn’t lucrative to anything.

She’s a quick learner, so that’s good. Found out she doesn’t like other dogs – the breeder had told me that, but I had no idea to what extent until Tom brought Mack out to meet her. Granted, he was excited and barking, which isn’t the calm state I was hoping for…she started barking and lungeing at the end of the line (I was holding it like a leash) and if you weren’t looking, you’d think it was a full-grown shepherd attacking someone. She is SERIOUS about not wanting other dogs near her.

We finally got over that, and they started playing like champs. He’s teaching her how to go down stairs – going up, she’s cocky and gallops right up; coming down is another matter. She whines and pleads and then comes down paw over paw, griping the whole way.

Everything’s new, and she’s taking it all in pretty calmly…the mirror on my door puzzled her for a few minutes:

Zada in the Mirror

See, she thought there was another dog behind the door 🙂

Zada Looking for the “Other Dog”

We’ve already had one accident in the house – and by “we,” I mean her – and I caught her in the act, so HOPEFULLY that’ll leave an impression. You’re “supposed” to catch them at it, scold them by picking ’em up by the scruff & shaking them (like a mother dog would do) while saying “NO!”, all the while carrying them outside, where you place them on the ground and they finish while you praise them.


Didn’t happen – her finishing, I mean. So, we’ll see. Baby steps.

Speaking of babies, this one’s pretty wiped out – I took this just now and she didn’t FLINCH when the flash went off…she finally laid down by me about 10 minutes ago, but was a little anxious, so I gave her a “massage” by slowly stroking her head with a couple fingers – she lasted about 30 seconds before laying out flat with a puppy, whiny sigh and falling promptly asleep on my foot 🙂

Sleepy Puppy

…Time passes…

This post is slow going because if she walks out of the room I follow to make sure she’s not going to soil my house again…but, I woke up from this nap and took her directly outside and she peed OUT IN THE YARD. Very exciting. I didn’t really think I’d ever be so ecstatic about a dog’s urinary habits, but this is great. Like I said, baby steps!

Evidently she’s energized after the nap, because she’s very alert and has barked once at something (who knows WHAT she can hear with that sonar she’s got goin’ on)…doesn’t miss a tick, this one.

I think that’s about it for now…pretty sure there’ll be more later (tonight, tomorrow, the next day…the rest of her life…)

Hasta la later.


Why Wouldn’t I Write Twice in One Day? January 4, 2007

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.
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China (co-worker) wants to see more pictures, but not just of dogs. I realized out of the 3 pictures I have on this thing, 2 are of dogs, and one is of me…so, I’ll diversify by adding the first picture I ever took with my digital camera (hereafter referred to as “dijjy”). This picture pretty much sums up Parker, my boyfriend:


Yes, his shirt says “Your Mom Can Party,” and while I don’t think it pertains to my mother, in general I think it’s super (right up there with “I ♥ Soccer Moms”). Also, the fact that he’s drinking and cooking (for me!) speaks worlds for the reason why we get along so well. He might not ever read this, but since he’d get embarrassed if I wrote too much about him, I’ll leave it at that (for now).

I purchased my Canon 30D (the dijjy) this summer before I shot a wedding back in Deerwood, MN…it was MUCH easier to work with than film. Though I thought I’d never, EVER go dijjy, I did and it’s been great.

Well, this makes for 2 posts today (slow at work 🙂 ) so I’d best leave something to say for another day.

Toodles – – –

VP Part 2…and Â˝ January 4, 2007

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Evidently having a blog is the newest, most exciting thing in my life. Or, maybe I’m just trying to take my mind off the WAITING game…

I noticed when I got into work this morning that my fish bowl (I have a Betta named “Bailey”) was FULL of food. As in, someone else dumped a bunch in, or he hasn’t been eating for weeks and it’s all of a sudden popping up randomly. Puzzling. I’m thinking the facilities people – i.e., the folks that empty the garbages at night – think he’s starving so they fed him. I’m not sure which is more troubling – that I’m allowed to have a live animal at my work station or that the late-night cleaner-uppers have delegated themselves as zookeepers.

 As of right now, I own 6 animals. Fish, to be exact. The Betta at my desk, plus my 2 goldfish & 3 rosy barbs at home. In T minus 2 days, I’ll be a proud dog owner, too. Hopefully the fish aren’t jealous.

There is part of me that will feel as though I’m “cheating” on my sister’s dog, Hogan, once I get my pup. See, he’s been pseudo-mine since they got him because a) I love dogs that much and b) I spent a lot of time with him as a youngun so he grew attached. Well, we both did. As an overly energetic Blue Heeler, he loves going for runs with me (when I’m able) and I see him all the time; now I’ll have my own dog and I feel, well, guilty. Not sure why.

I would’ve gotten my pup sooner, but since I was home (Merrifield, MN) for 3 weekends in a row, plus the ‘rents were watching Hogan as well as their own dog (another Golden named Tesora, “Tesa” for short), there was no way I was going to add a non-housebroken, rambunctious puppy into the mix. Controlling these two is hard enough: 

Tesa & Hogan

Yes, Mom posed them underneath the stockings (hung with not-so-much care) …as you can see from the intensity of Hogan’s gaze, Mom had a handful of treats. Tesa’s not so much into treats, per se, so we’re still trying to find her motivational factor. 

Anyway, that was Christmas weekend – from this past weekend (the most fun, relaxing New Year’s I’ve had in a long time) came some more fun pictures…but I forgot to bring my camera into work to upload the images. I’ll probably lead off with Parker attacking the snowman.

Ciao for now…

VP Part 2 January 4, 2007

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Well, it would seem that once I start blogging, I can’t get enough. I just have TOO much to say to wait until tomorrow…though the clock creeps ever closer to my bedtime 🙂

I have a feeling this blog will tend towards pictures revolving around the photos I take…only if they’re randomly relevant, of course. However, my home computer seems not to be in the mood for blogging this eve, as the picture I attempted to load & add to this post wouldn’t take. In fact, I had to start over. Most unchivalrous.

Speaking of chivalrous, I’ve noticed that some of my co-workers at Thomson-West ARE chivalrous, while some tend towards the egomaniacal I-don’t-care-about-anyone-but-me syndrome. Since we house over 6,000 employees, there are a lot of people coming & going throughout the day. When I come in during the dark morning hours, the 3rd-shift factory workers are leaving. What I’ve noticed is that 99% of them are very polite, and will hold the door if they see anyone else (not just a semi-young female) advancing towards the entrance. My “corporate” counterparts, however, seem to be so worked up and stressed about the coming day they (for the most part) don’t notice if anyone else is walking through the door directly after them, thus letting it slam shut instead of holding it for the .02 nanoseconds it would take for the next person to enter. Hmm. Interesting.

 That’s about it for this evening. My book is calling.

Goodnight 🙂

The Virgin Post January 3, 2007

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The first post. So intimidating.

I have so many ideas in my head; then when I’m presented with spewing them forth unto the big, bad Internet…I close up tighter than a front door after a Bible salesman walks up.

Well, since I’m still at work (i.e., working on this blog AFTER work hours) I’ll cut right to the chase.

I’ve started this blog with the intention of putting my thoughts down on the paper of the 2ooo’s – the Web – and getting all these random thoughts/ideas/events out of my head and into the world. Or something of that nature.

Speaking of nature – I shall be communing with it more often starting this Saturday. I’m getting my first dog. I say “first” because I’m sure there will be many more subsequently in my lifetime; not because I plan on getting another one as a companion to the first.

But, I digress. By “nature,” I mean the streets of North Minneapolis and Robbinsdale, which are my backyard and will have to suffice for walking the pup around in. (You know, a preposition is a bad word to end a sentence with.)

Anyway, here’s my little girl…I don’t actually HAVE her in my possession yet – I’m driving down to pick her up this weekend. I’ve named her Zada (Pronounced Zay-duh).


Cute, huh? For those of you not in the know, she’s a German shepherd of European lines. I purchased her from Mark Kozitza, owner of Kozie’s Shepherds* down in Mankato, MN.

Although extremely excited for the big day, I’m also a bit wary…puppies are cute, and fun, and also chew on everything, jump up on everyone, and the world is their toilet. We’ll see how I am at “dog wrangling,” as my dad calls it. (I’m an AVID watcher of The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan, you see.)

There will be plenty of pictures to follow – pretty sure with a new digital camera (the Canon 30D I purchased back in June) and a new puppy, the stories will flow and I’ll need visual aids. Also, I’m just THAT GIRL that will blog about her dog. Does that make me a “dogger”?

Cheery-o and toodles for now.

*Amendment to this post: Please see my OTHER blog for reasons why to perform copious amounts of research before buying a working line German shepherd, and I don’t recommend buying from this guy. Not only is he not pleasant to work with, but he touts his dogs as “kid-friendly”, but PS: any dog bred for extreme prey drive is going to hone in on small, running “prey items” – even if properly socialized with kids, I found. Caveat emptor.

Hello world! January 3, 2007

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