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The Virgin Post January 3, 2007

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.
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The first post. So intimidating.

I have so many ideas in my head; then when I’m presented with spewing them forth unto the big, bad Internet…I close up tighter than a front door after a Bible salesman walks up.

Well, since I’m still at work (i.e., working on this blog AFTER work hours) I’ll cut right to the chase.

I’ve started this blog with the intention of putting my thoughts down on the paper of the 2ooo’s – the Web – and getting all these random thoughts/ideas/events out of my head and into the world. Or something of that nature.

Speaking of nature – I shall be communing with it more often starting this Saturday. I’m getting my first dog. I say “first” because I’m sure there will be many more subsequently in my lifetime; not because I plan on getting another one as a companion to the first.

But, I digress. By “nature,” I mean the streets of North Minneapolis and Robbinsdale, which are my backyard and will have to suffice for walking the pup around in. (You know, a preposition is a bad word to end a sentence with.)

Anyway, here’s my little girl…I don’t actually HAVE her in my possession yet – I’m driving down to pick her up this weekend. I’ve named her Zada (Pronounced Zay-duh).


Cute, huh? For those of you not in the know, she’s a German shepherd of European lines. I purchased her from Mark Kozitza, owner of Kozie’s Shepherds* down in Mankato, MN.

Although extremely excited for the big day, I’m also a bit wary…puppies are cute, and fun, and also chew on everything, jump up on everyone, and the world is their toilet. We’ll see how I am at “dog wrangling,” as my dad calls it. (I’m an AVID watcher of The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan, you see.)

There will be plenty of pictures to follow – pretty sure with a new digital camera (the Canon 30D I purchased back in June) and a new puppy, the stories will flow and I’ll need visual aids. Also, I’m just THAT GIRL that will blog about her dog. Does that make me a “dogger”?

Cheery-o and toodles for now.

*Amendment to this post: Please see my OTHER blog for reasons why to perform copious amounts of research before buying a working line German shepherd, and I don’t recommend buying from this guy. Not only is he not pleasant to work with, but he touts his dogs as “kid-friendly”, but PS: any dog bred for extreme prey drive is going to hone in on small, running “prey items” – even if properly socialized with kids, I found. Caveat emptor.



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