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VP Part 2…and ½ January 4, 2007

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.

Evidently having a blog is the newest, most exciting thing in my life. Or, maybe I’m just trying to take my mind off the WAITING game…

I noticed when I got into work this morning that my fish bowl (I have a Betta named “Bailey”) was FULL of food. As in, someone else dumped a bunch in, or he hasn’t been eating for weeks and it’s all of a sudden popping up randomly. Puzzling. I’m thinking the facilities people – i.e., the folks that empty the garbages at night – think he’s starving so they fed him. I’m not sure which is more troubling – that I’m allowed to have a live animal at my work station or that the late-night cleaner-uppers have delegated themselves as zookeepers.

 As of right now, I own 6 animals. Fish, to be exact. The Betta at my desk, plus my 2 goldfish & 3 rosy barbs at home. In T minus 2 days, I’ll be a proud dog owner, too. Hopefully the fish aren’t jealous.

There is part of me that will feel as though I’m “cheating” on my sister’s dog, Hogan, once I get my pup. See, he’s been pseudo-mine since they got him because a) I love dogs that much and b) I spent a lot of time with him as a youngun so he grew attached. Well, we both did. As an overly energetic Blue Heeler, he loves going for runs with me (when I’m able) and I see him all the time; now I’ll have my own dog and I feel, well, guilty. Not sure why.

I would’ve gotten my pup sooner, but since I was home (Merrifield, MN) for 3 weekends in a row, plus the ‘rents were watching Hogan as well as their own dog (another Golden named Tesora, “Tesa” for short), there was no way I was going to add a non-housebroken, rambunctious puppy into the mix. Controlling these two is hard enough: 

Tesa & Hogan

Yes, Mom posed them underneath the stockings (hung with not-so-much care) …as you can see from the intensity of Hogan’s gaze, Mom had a handful of treats. Tesa’s not so much into treats, per se, so we’re still trying to find her motivational factor. 

Anyway, that was Christmas weekend – from this past weekend (the most fun, relaxing New Year’s I’ve had in a long time) came some more fun pictures…but I forgot to bring my camera into work to upload the images. I’ll probably lead off with Parker attacking the snowman.

Ciao for now…



1. Paul - January 4, 2007

I think the zookeeper might be Gwar. She gets that way on benders.

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