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Why Wouldn’t I Write Twice in One Day? January 4, 2007

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.

China (co-worker) wants to see more pictures, but not just of dogs. I realized out of the 3 pictures I have on this thing, 2 are of dogs, and one is of me…so, I’ll diversify by adding the first picture I ever took with my digital camera (hereafter referred to as “dijjy”). This picture pretty much sums up Parker, my boyfriend:


Yes, his shirt says “Your Mom Can Party,” and while I don’t think it pertains to my mother, in general I think it’s super (right up there with “I ♥ Soccer Moms”). Also, the fact that he’s drinking and cooking (for me!) speaks worlds for the reason why we get along so well. He might not ever read this, but since he’d get embarrassed if I wrote too much about him, I’ll leave it at that (for now).

I purchased my Canon 30D (the dijjy) this summer before I shot a wedding back in Deerwood, MN…it was MUCH easier to work with than film. Though I thought I’d never, EVER go dijjy, I did and it’s been great.

Well, this makes for 2 posts today (slow at work 🙂 ) so I’d best leave something to say for another day.

Toodles – – –



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