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Re-entry June 11, 2007

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.

I must admit I’ve been in absentia for quite a while from this blog…but I’ve finally figured out what to do – therefore I’m dedicating this blog to SEO / SEM type information and the other will be strictly for d’blogging (i.e., blogging about my dog – why WOULDN’T I think that’s an interesting subject?).

Without further ado, I’ll jump right into my new favorite topic – SES Latino. I will be representing FindLaw down in Miami on June 18th (NEXT MONDAY!) by speaking in the Fundamentals Track under Search Term Research & Targeting. Whoa.

My team lead suggested this would be a good opportunity for me, so she sent in a “proposal” to Nacho Hernandez (the chairperson for SES Latino ’07 and also the CEO of iHispanic Marketing Group). He accepted and I think my stomach might’ve hula-hooped my spine a couple times.

I got to thinking, “they must be pretty open to getting random (i.e., unknown) people to speak at these things if they’ve chosen me”. However, I’ll sit up there and tell anyone who attends the session all they want to know about how US Hispanics are searching for lawyers. Zzzzzzz…oops, I just dozed off a bit. Where was I?

Frankly, I’m hoping I don’t bore everyone to tears – from last year’s attendance/presentations, it sounds like the majority of people coming to this are focusing on SEM and e-commerce. However, if they want to reach out in a professional services vein, that’s where I can help. I guess!

I was actually getting very excited to speak there…then after reading Danny Sullivan’s take on the “notability” of those who speak at SES functions (mentioned in passing in his article Open Letter To Wikipedia Editors: Yes, Matt Cutts Is Notable), I’m starting to get a wee bit nervous:

“In general, if they’re one of the relatively few asked to speak at a major conference on search marketing, yeah — they are notable. Every search consultant does NOT get to speak.”

There you have it. According to Danny, I’m someone. No pressure 🙂



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