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If a Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words…What’s a Video Worth? March 16, 2008

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.
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What’s happened to video online? Several months ago, my place of occupation was all up in arms about creating videos to place on professional services sites. I could see it was being looked at in a different light – as a means of appearing in search results – and for a time, it seemed everyone was adding videos to sites. The search engines (and by that I mean the “biggies”) are returning video-specific results – such as the query for “I Have a Dream“, but does it matter very much?

There are some things people want to see video for, such as artists (my recent obsession with Bon Jovi is a good example) or “how-to” types of questions (like home improvement), but what sort of future are we really looking at for online video in regards to search marketing?

As of right now, the idea seems to fit nicely within the realm of learning (horse training, for example) or general entertainment (any myriad of examples, from the aforementioned Bon Jovi query to looking at the latest & greatest of YouTube).

Is it worthwhile adding video to your site? It depends on what purpose the clip(s) will serve.

If your end goal is building an audience with your credibility – for example, if you’re a horse trainer demonstrating a technique – then it would behoove you (pun intended) to add as much information (via video) you can, to prove you know your stuff. But, keep in mind, if you want these video-watchers to convert to clients, don’t give away the horse; give them enough information to capture their attention; leave them wondering what else you know and with the urge to contact you.

If, however, you’re merely looking to entertain people, then by all means, get a YouTube account and pipe in videos to your blog/web site and entertain away.

The point is, I just don’t see video as being a means to an end for search marketing purposes except within certain realms.

Prove me wrong.