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A “Cuiler” Way to Search? July 28, 2008

Posted by Sarah Bernier in Things.

I’ve never been much of a brand-name gal (let’s be honest, I wore hand-me-downs ’til I outgrew my sister), but I am a Google fan, and have been for several years. I “google” things and am utterly loyal.

I’m not surprised to read today about the newest ‘rival’ to the big G – Cuil – started by a husband / wife team who just happen to have worked at Google in the past.

Of course, upon reading about how it doesn’t bank its results off of “superficial popularity metrics”, I tried it out. I queried something pretty easy: SEO blogs. (Of course!) After about 10 bars of Dave Matthews’ #41, I gave up and hit the back button. No results. It was thinking the entire time. Ok. So I gave them a chance and tried something simpler: SEO. Should be plenty of results to choose from there.

Again, denied any results. Granted, it was only launched this morning, and after reading the TechCrunch article on how Cuil’s computers couldn’t handle the influx of new visitors, I understood why I wasn’t getting any results.

I tried again a few minutes later and “genericized” my search even more: Dogs. Whew. Got results, so at least I could see what the layout is supposed to look like.

It’s different, and before I totally discount it, I’ll try it to see what I really think. I’m not crazy about their initial interface – I don’t like reading white text on a black background – but at least they don’t carry that look through to the SERP.

I’m not sure how they expect to compete with Google when they’re using “fewer computers” to cover more pages (120 billion pages, according to the CNNMoney article this morning)…but, we’ll see if they really can offer a “cuiler” way to search with their biggest little search engine.

After all, Cuil WAS built by ex-Googlers!