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About Me…

It’s almost like writing a resumé – telling people about yourself. What makes you tick? In this case, the “you” is me and here’s me in a nutshell…

Obviously, since the posts in this blog tend towards search optimization & marketing tactics, I work in the SEO field. Some of my qualifications include:

SEO – English & Spanish Language

The saying that most describes me is probably “You can take the girl outta the country, but you can’t take the country outta the girl.” Not sure who to quote on that.

I grew up in Merrifield, MN. For the first 18 years of my life, I lived in a township. The nearest “town” was 8 miles away and consisted of 2 gas stations, the post office, a bar, and an antique store. I had lots of land to run around on, a family dog, a couple of barn cats (spayed, of course) and a herd of horses. Oh, and we lived on the lake, too. So, I was uber-spoiled and had NO idea ’til I moved off to college. Ah, the good old days.

Now, I own a house in North Minneapolis (let me finish) in a nice neighborhood…nice inasmuch as “nice” applies in my neck of the…sidewalk. It’s a quaint little story.5 on an average lot with a 1-car garage.



1. Nathalie RENAULT - January 22, 2008

hello Sarah,
I found your name and address in Merryfield in my old old papers recently (when tidying my home)
I stayed at your parents years ago when I was 17 (now I turned 30) during the summer. I was spending 2 weeks with your cousins.
As you may guess from me writing, I’m not American but French.
Do you remember me staying at yours? You learned me how to cook cookies and I cooked French food. I have very good memories of me staying at yours. what a georgeous place to live in!
I used to live up north with my mom and sister. Now for 10 years I’ve been living inParis. I’m a History teacher. I married 7 years ago. I have 2 children Antoine is 4 and Héloïse is 2. And i’m expecting a baby for february.
Live goes fast!!
Well, I’l read your blog when enough time.
Best wishes for this new year to you and family,
Nathalie RENAULT

2. Bernier - March 16, 2008

Wow, Nathalie, HI!!!

Of course I remember you! That was certainly a long time ago…so much has changed since then.

I do remember teaching you how to bake cookies, and I think we went horseback riding! My mom has several pictures of you; the one I remember most is the one of us outside in the horse pen.

It certainly sounds like you’re doing well – congratulations on your 2 children! My sister, Amy, has 1 daughter (Sophia, who will turn 3 in April) and is pregnant with her 2nd – the doctors have told her it’s another girl.

Other than that, I have a very serious boyfriend (we’re looking at engagement rings!), a dog and I own a house.

I was actually in Paris for 4 days in May of 2002, I was traveling through Europe after finishing my study abroad program in Valencia, Spain.

It was GREAT to hear from you, and of course I’ll tell my family that you wrote.


Sarah Bernier

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