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Zada Update 5.8.08

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve “dogged” (blogged about my dog) here. Figured it’s about time for an update. I just re-read my posts on this subject, and I remember how excited I was. Little did I know what I was getting into! I wouldn’t change things for the world – boy, I love this dog – but there were some trying times, let me tell you. Zada at 10 months

A few examples: vet bills for coccidia, getting spayed, regular shots & check-ups, stitches, X-rays for her elbow (could be Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)); putting up a fence in the yard, losing her in the hills/woods of Pillsbury State Forest, seeing her almost get hit by an SUV, watching her come face-to-face with her first porcupine…whew. Just to name a few! And that’s all within a year and a half of dog ownership 🙂

That being said, I love taking her out hiking (BTW, “hiking” is just walking in the wilderness) and horseback riding; she goes with me to friends’ houses; she’s a hit at the Town Hall Brewery where we sit on the patio in the warmer months. I drink beer and eat bar food and she chews on a rawhide.

She’s now 20 months old – yes, I just referred to my dog in baby terms – and ~65 pounds. We are normally enrolled in some form of dog obedience class, but my dog trainer (Linda Brodzik) is so busy* these days it’ll be June before she has another opening!

Zada heeling off leash in the park

All in all, I love dog ownership and I hope she’s with me for a long, long time…

*PS: Clint and I worked on Linda’s site, re-did her PPC campaign & manage it…a couple weeks ago she had us shut off all PPC so she could have a bit of a breather with inquiries 🙂

T Minus 11 Hours 1.5.07

Some people might think it silly to wile away the hours counting down until you get your first dog…I’d have to agree, if you started when you were 10 and your best chance was waiting for your Dad to agree that it’s ok to have 2 dogs in the house (which he never WOULD, dammit). However, since I actually will leave my house in 11 hours and drive down to Mankato to pick up my beautiful German shepherd pup, it’s not at all odd for me to be sitting in an anxious stupor waiting for morning to hurry up and get here.

I’d have to say I’m more excited than I was on Christmas Eve this year – and since I shook hands with 28 years of age this summer, it’s curious as to why THIS Christmas I felt like a little kid again. Curious.

Anyway, tomorrow’s the big day and I CAN’T WAIT. I can’t lie to you, it’ll be hard training a puppy – even though she’s already 4 months old – with all the potty-training, the obedience classes, the chewing, the barking…but it’ll be fun, nonetheless. As one of my co-workers put it, “You’ll be walking around google-eyed, proud to be a new mama.” He’s probably right 🙂

Tonight I did a cursory cleaning of the house (let’s face it – it’s gonna be trashed from now ’til I get down to 1 dog in the house), brought the chair from the spare bedroom – her new room – down to the basement, put her bed in its place…got the crate, collar, leash, toy and poop bags (of course) all ready for the morning when Dani gets here…my friend, Dani, is driving down with me.

She’s also in the market for a shepherd. She already has one, a 3-year-old, 90-lb male named Tucker who looks scary as hell – and can be, at times – but is mostly a big baby. She wants a playmate for him and is checking out Kozie’s Shepherds as a possibility. The breeder doesn’t have any available right now, but we’ll get to see him work the adults, see how they’re trained, get a feel for their prey drives and temperaments, see how he handles them, etc. He’ll have 2 litters ready to go to homes ~April/Mayish. (Which is when I was originally planning on getting a dog…that worked out well.)

Of course, I’ve already seen him work his dogs but it’s pretty neat to watch so of course I don’t mind getting the demonstration again. He has AWESOME dogs – smart, energetic (that’d be the working European lines coming through), willing to please and VERY friendly. I’d say they’re loyal, but that’s a redundant description when talking about the German shepherd!

Well, it’s about that time. I’ve been so keyed up all day, thinking about tomorrow, and a little anxious about the whole being-in-charge-of-another-being thing that I’m actually tired.

I’ll tell myself what Mom used to tell me as a kid on Christmas Eve – “the sooner you go to bed, the sooner you’ll wake up and it’ll be Christmas Morning!” Which in theory was brilliant…but, Mom, try being a kid SO EXCITED about something you simply lie in bed “diesling” all night and don’t actually GET to sleep until 3am when your eyes close from utter exhaustion. It makes for a VERY long night. Thank goodness I’m not 10.

…*sigh*…Lord, I hope I can sleep tonight.


I think what’s best is to separate this thing before it gets TOO random. So, I’ll have a Zada section.

For those of you not in the know, Zada is my brand-new German shepherd pup. Technically, she’s not “mine” yet, as I haven’t picked her up from the breeder’s yet, but tomorrow’s the big day…T minus 24 hours! (But who’s counting?)

I’ve wanted my own shepherd ever since Ivan – my big ol’ boy from high school – was put down in ’02. He was my shadow for every one of his 9½ years (unless I was gone from the house, then my mother sufficed for him) and he taught me a lot. Mostly, I knew I HAD to have my own some day. Can’t WAIT for tomorrow!

Tomorrow when I pick her up she’ll be about 16 weeks. So, her bladder will be that much bigger so hopefully potty-training won’t be as arduous a task as it was with my roommate’s dog, Mack (now a 70-lb Golden Retriever). Speaking of Mack, he’ll be her playmate (but NOT inside the house!) until she gets to be about 10 months old. Here he is:

Mack the Golden

He’s even bigger now (and fatter) but that’s pretty much what he looks like. Well, mostly he’s blurry because he’s on the go, but these are the moments I like – when he’s stationary :).

As of tomorrow morning around 10am, I feel I’ll have a LOT of information to share regarding my new little buddy and her antics…of which I’m sure there will be plenty!

Ciao for now…



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